Who’s in Charge Here?

Subject Information

     Zach Mealer
     N.Metro Atlanta
     Anarcho-Politico (neutral)
     Journalist / Historian


shoot1-9316_sI started this personal research project about a decade ago, shortly after the infamous attacks on the US, in 2001. I began to study a variety of fields: history, psychology, philosophy, theology, linguistics, symbology, political phlosophy, economic theory… writing about what I was learning, and incorporating these ideas into cartoons/comics or music. What drove a lot of this research was the overwhelming amount of conspiracy theories that I became exposed to on this journey.

Not long after Dan Brown’s book, The DaVinci Code, became a national best seller, the floodgates opened on the internet -people like Alex Jones and David Icke became international icons for the truth movement. I felt like it was necessary to encourage people to look for these answers, themselves -especially as this truth movement grew quick out of control with the development of services like YouTube.

shoot1-9274_sNow-a-days, I’m not so worried about what’s going on in the world -I’m terrified. I have some odd faith in the balancing power of market forces, but I’m still afraid we’re headed for a mess -so, I still write in an effort to get some of these thought off of my chest, and maybe help minimize that mess.

If you wanted to know stuff about, like… who I am, you’d probably have to ask someone else -I’d probably only mention the good things, or the trivial and insignificant stuff that I think is important. I’d probably admit to being a little absent minded at times, but I’m not sure what you’d really want to know, anyway.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is an “Anarcho-Politico”?
Someone who has (a)political views and is interested in political theory, and open discussion. I’m not a fan of any form of coercive authority. I don’t promote violence, and I don’t expect people to give-up their governments unless they are ready and willing to assume personal responsibility.

So, you’re an anarchist?
Ehh, you could say that. I don’t believe that government is desirable. I promote voluntary co-operation among free and empowered individuals. The world already exists in anarchy -control is an illusion… but, I digress.
[Click here to read about “Why Government Just Doesn’t Work… Mathematically”]

Wouldn’t you be afraid of other people trying to take your stuff, kill you, or worse?
Yeah, that’s why I don’t like them having governments and standing armies.

So, you hate Capitalism, right?
[Click here to read about “Black Market Capitalism”]

I would imagine you’re not a fan of religion, or the Bible?
I’m not a fan of organized religion as they tend to revolve around a coercive authority, but the Bible actually shares this concern of corrupt authority and warns against it… really -check it out.


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