The Persecution of George Zimmerman, Concerned Citizen

Private citizens get to enjoy something that many Americans simply take for granted these days -protection from slander and libel, terms that are actually kind of foreign to most Americans. Slander is a fairly common term, libel is sort of just slander in writing. Basically, of people are taking baseless crap about you, you have the right to pursue financial compensation for this if it ends up costing you anything, like your job , or even your general livelihood… like your ability to get a job, let alone live as a normal human being.

George Zimmerman has somehow been stripped of this right, because he chose to be protective in his community -now, I know that statement will be misconstrued… most people are not aware of all of the facts about this case, and are reacting on general emotional hype. The twisted thing is that the issues of race mixed with the anti-gun movement in this country has distorted this issue beyond all repair.

This case was fairly “open and closed” -having nothing to do with race, whatsoever. When the police showed up, they lied to Zimmerman, saying that the entire incident was caught on surveillance tapes, to which Zimmerman replied, “Thank God,” and then proceeded to tell them what happened, which lined up with all of the evidence presented.

You can’t say he should have stayed in his car, because he didn’t have to. Whether you like it, or not, Trayvon Martin had the responsibility to present himself as a responsible individual (citizen), especially at 17 years old.

The evidence shows that Trayvon was probably intoxicated with a substance that would have definitely heightened his response to things like someone catching him doing drugs outside his Dad’s house in the same week that he’d just been kicked out of his mother’s house. I was a teenager once -I was born a couple days before yesterday, and I know how it is. At 29, I’m still an idiot.

But, we’re all idiots. We all make mistakes, and most of us enjoy a level of protection from excessive judgment of those mistakes… like, everyone in the country knowing all of your business, even flooding their own Facebook walks with crap about your personal life -going as far as to suggest that you should be condemned


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