The Benghazi / Syria Contra Scandal

Untitled-2It was hard to miss all of the chaos with the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, last September. In the midst of a heavy election season, there was a lot of concern about the nature of the attack, and why we were continually jerked around by the State Department about the truth behind the raid. For many civilians who thought that the War on Terror was coming to an end, this all came as quite a surprise.

Few Americans were really aware of the situation in Syria -the short version is that the government fired on a group of protesters, and this sparked an all-out civil war. I also have a friend from Syria who is in refuge from this conflict, so I have a personal interest in the freedom of the Syrian people. To many Americans who were aware of the conflict, this was just another dispute in another middle eastern country. I, myself, had no idea that the two situations were linked, but I was following the revolution in Syria because it was quickly becoming the front-line of a potential world war, with Russia and Iran backing the Syrian government.

Shortly after that, we gave the new leader of Egypt some nifty fighter jets, to handle his own civil disturbances -obviously, in exchange for helping us traffic weapons into the hands of the Syrian rebels… then our fearless leader announced in the last Presidential election debate that we (meaning the CIA) had already been on the ground with the rebel groups, arming and training them for their fight against Assad and the Ba’ath Party -the folks we helped get into Iraq a few decades ago… remember Saddam Hussein? I should have known that the CIA was running guns, and by the time I found out -I didn’t care, anymore.  The election was over, and whatever happened in Benghazi would come out in the wash.

Then people started smelling “al Qaeda” at work in Syria, and the US detached itself from the Arab Springs uprisings as much as propaganda would allow… WE were “al Qaeda”… We had been working with the same group that attacked us, in Libya, and something had gone terribly wrong with this operation. We were doing everything we could to make it seem like some random attack, going as far as blaming a homemade video on YouTube -in front of the UN Security Council, and the world… just like we did with the attacks on 9/11/01.

Since then, the fighting has only escalated in Syria. As all of that was unfolding, Russia was sending tanks and military helicopters to the Syrian government, and Iran was sneaking some of their special military forces into Syria to infiltrate the rebel groups. The Syrian rebel army (Free Syrian Army / “FSA”) has been getting help from us, as well as some freelance mercenary groups from Turkey. The Syrian government was recently believed to be using bio/chemical weapons against the FSA. Now, it looks like Israel has entered into the conflict, after some weapons transports were found which were allegedly bringing weapons from Syria and into Lebanon. The video below is of a bomb dropped on a Syrian military weapons facility, the next day – reports suggest that Israel was responsible, but those reports have not been confirmed.

[Added 5/11/2013]

The White House is still being extremely dodgy and elusive about this whole thing -when the President was asked about these alleged attacks from Israel, recently, he merely said that he believed Israel has a right to defend itself. White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney, spent a hot minute yesterday evading questions and blaming everyone but the administration for the mishap that led to the initial attack on the Consulate in Benghazi. The long-awaited press conference came after a closed-door debriefing where, no doubt, the press correspondents were  told not to push the Benghazi / Syria connection -for the White House to publicly acknowledge such a thing would be a massive security threat to any covert ops still on the ground, in Syria, or anywhere along the weapon trail.


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