The White House Correspondents’ Dinner

conan-obrien-white-house-correspondents-dinner-story-topFor any of you who are familiar with me or my writing, you might be surprised that I actually want to be a part of the White House Press Correspondents’ Association, or even just get invited to their annual awards ceremony / dinner. As a member of world of (a)political journalism, I don’t think I’d get a warm welcome at such a “mainstream” event, but I believe that journalism is a field that should be approached with both a level of dignity, a sense of humor, and a sense of respect for all people.

The first time I saw the Correspondents’ Dinner, I thought the world was literally ending -both Republicans and Democrats in the same room, with all of the members of the press… and they’re all laughing at themselves?!?! I didn’t get it, but I was young and new to the world of politics. I knew politics was a joke and that the politicians didn’t care about this stuff half as much as the nut-jobs who vote for them, but this seemed like special access to some backroom meeting in Hell.

Since then, I have entered into the discipline of professional journalism, completely by happenstance and self-education. I’ve also spent a little bit of time on the stand-up comedy circuit, which really helped me see that comedy was the best way to help cure the problems of the world…. not for any kind of happy, feel-good kind of reason -it’s because the world is a joke, and trying to take it seriously will drive you crazy.

I do not agree with the idea of government. On any given day, you might catch me saying government is the evil of the world… the lie that we tell ourselves. I’m pretty passionate about my beliefs and very soured by my experiences, but I’m more than aware that people are less than willing to let go of their artificial god, government. I still speak my peace, but I don’t expect people to listen.

I could go on about my thoughts on government, but the gist is that regardless of my views on government, I have a high regard for the field of journalism and its role in society. I think the mainstream media news is very corrupt, but I think a lot of our issues stem from a general lack of personal accountability and total idiocy. Mostly, the issue is that it’s hard to write objectively when your audience wants all of the answers handed to them in a flashy package that’s easy to understand… the world is not easy to understand -you have to be critical of everything.

In the United States, we have a responsibility to ourselves to be a check and balance on the power of the various levels of government -we’re in a sort of Mexican Standoff with the federal and state governments. We have allowed the government and establishment media to overpower the voice of the individual citizens, not only on a national and state level, but on a local level, as well. Dissension is routinely ignored and often relegated to the fringe of society as we homogenize towards conformity… both the far left and far right are marginalized in a push toward political centrism.

Full video of the Correspondents’ Dinner:


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