Boston Bombing: Conspiracy? Police State?!

The Rise of the Police State – Total Failure


*Boston under martial law – police search homes and check IDs.
“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” -Johann Goethe

In the wake of the Boston bombing, much of the city was put under strict lock-down as a manhunt had militarized police going door-to-door, looking for the second suspect.  Even after turning Boston in a police state, the police couldn’t find the 2nd suspect who fled the scene, wounded.

It wasn’t even an hour after they let the citizens leave their homes that a private citizen found the kid hiding in their yard… making the lock-down and manhunt a total failure… This entire situation just highlighted the inability of the state to prevent and resolve these kinds of issues, and demonstrated their willingness to take any and all of your freedom.


*Two military police in Boston. (We’re kind of supposed to have a separation of the military and homeland law, but that line has been all but erased in past few decades.)

Many would staunchly reject a comparison to Nazi Germany, but the sad fact is that this is the kind of thing that conspiracy theorists and liberty advocates have been warning about for decades -a small taste of the police state that we’ve slowly been creeping towards in this war against “terrorism”.

Conspiracy Theory?

Chechnya-Wikipedia-entry-vandalized-Rickrolled-after-Boston-suspects-identified Even sadder is the fact that many conspiracy theorists aren’t far off in their suspicions of fowl play involving the government. There’s more than a good chance that these kids were a part of some sting operation gone wrong.

There are overwhelming numbers of well-documented cases where the FBI has had a direct hand in organized attacks on US soil, even supplying the materials for the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, as well as the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. They don’t usually mention anything about it in the initial reports, though… must not think it’s that important. Like we saw with 5 “anarchists” arrested in Ohio, last year, the FBI regularly employs sleazy criminal informants who get paid to turn-in people… it’s not hard for a criminal to turn someone else into a criminal for some easy money… find an angry person, or group of people… make a few suggestions and come-up with some materials… maybe even give them some insider information…

images (1)

What appears to be two trainers / coordinators from Craft International. Bottom photo is right next to one of the bomb locations.

Something that really caught my attention about all of this: there was a military/police training exercise taking place at the marathon, and several photos have surfaced of men wearing clothing featuring the logo of Craft International. The weird thing about these guys is that, at a glance, they look remarkably similar to the alleged suspects -some were wearing baseball caps, jackets, and even black backpacks. There were over 7 of these guys in the areas that were bombed -I would have thought they were all suspicious.

There’s been a lot dispute about why these security guys were there, and even who they are. There haven’t been any confirmed reports about these guys, but photos began circling 4chan and Reddit, immediately. Alex Jones at InfoWars got in on the speculation. My guess is that Craft was just a part of / helping with the training exercise, but that doesn’t necessarily end the conspiracy trail.

Russian War on Terror?!?

For… well, forever, there has been a conflict between the people of Chechnya and pretty much anybody else in that region. Russia would tell you that this is because the country is just a bunch of wacko terrorists, the mainstream media news is about to tell you they have connections to Al Qaeda, but there is a so much more to that story that you probably won’t hear in the weeks to come.

The Chechen people are very wary of foreign invaders… largely because throughout history, Russia has taken control of Chechnya, pretty much by force. In recent decades, there has been a lot of open conflict between Russia and Chechen freedom-fighters, and though there is blood on everyone’s hands, the Russian government has been caught committing acts of outright terrorism against its own people and blaming them on Chechen rebels.


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