Alternative History and the New Age Movement, Ancient Aliens, and All the Rest of That Stuff…

200px-DaVinciCodeSince Dan Brown rocked the world of accepted history a decade ago, the Internet has been afire with theories of alternative history, sometimes hidden behind a grand conspiracy that would make George Orwell roll over in his grave, even involving extraterrestrial beings who control world politics in secret, behind the scenes…

I’ve fancied such ideas, more than I’d like to admit… they have caused PTSD-like symptoms… this is not a light undertaking. If there’s anything that I’ve learned in the past 10+ years of working on this project, it’s that history is important, and while I do see great value in the ability to think… “outside of the box”, I do think it’s important to look at all of this evidence in a more… “realistic” light.

But this can be difficult if you’re not ready to think about this stuff for yourself -mainstream history is ripe with people trying to defend the status quo, and with everyone talking like some authority on the subject, it can be hard for someone looking for an easy answer… but this is mostly because there is no easy answer -this stuff is complex and very complicated.


Giorgio Tsoukalos on Ancient Aliens

In the past few years, the History channel has been chasing ratings and gone from crap about Nazis to even more controversial history with their series, “Ancient Aliens”, which actually gives these “historians” more than enough rope to hang themselves with (I’m probably tying my own noose, myself…).

I recently stumbled upon a YouTube series that debunks much of the errors, falsehood, and outright lies that this show perpetuates, but even that series was full of historical inconsistencies… I made an effort to initiate a debate with this individual, but my remarks have been all but ignored. Challenging a scholar / writer can sometimes be more difficult than talking to someone who certain that the world is controlled by alien-lizard-people who worship the devil. Anything could be possible, but it’s important to look at everything… even the boring stuff.


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