North Korea: A Vacation Getaway in the DPRK

I recently submitted an application for a journalist visa to North Korea -I’d heard it had become much easier to visit the country in the past year, and wanted to see just how difficult it would be to get into the country that’s been on lock-down since the middle of the last century. It’s been a long process that I’ve had to coordinate through their embassy in Beijing, only to find out that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK -aka N.Korea) has, I guess, reinstated its declaration of war against the US… Obviously, I just picked a bad time to go to N.Korea, but I kind of figured that would be the case -what, with all of the nuclear missiles they’ve been testing under the ocean, recently, and now all of this mess with the UN Arms Trade Treaty.


I was hoping to go hangout with Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung-un, but I guess that’s not going to happen. Instead, I get to watch the American mainstream news continue to ignore international politics as we’re entering into little wars all across the middle east -and since we’ve already had 30-40,000 troops in South Korea since the 1960, it shouldn’t be hard to mobilize those units. No worries, though -we’ll probably just bomb the DPRK with drones, and if they’re going to use a nuke on anybody, it’ll be just be S.Korea, or Japan… maybe China -but who cares about them, right? In all seriousness, there’s little chance that anybody could hit us with an intercontinental missile -especially N.Korea, who apparently got the rest of its technology from us when we threw everything out in the 70s. If that new Red Dawn movie scared you, it was just a movie -I mean… anything is possible, but we’ve got to be realistic, sometimes.

article-2129975-129A2090000005DC-479_964x615The real concern hear is the threat to S.Korea, and this growing propaganda around N.Korea and it’s authoritarian government dressed-up as a “democratic people’s republic”… there is no democracy, no socialist syndicate, and any bit of “res publica” that exists is all about how much the love their old general, Kim Il-sung, how he and his progeny are something next to gods on earth, and how important the Kim dynasty has been to defending the single-party DPRK from American imperialism… so the US government sucks -there are other ways to work around us. I probably could have gotten away with a crappy tourist visa, and seen the standard theatrical production of A Tour of the DPRK!! but I was hoping to have a little more free-roam of the place -like the propaganda said I could… =(




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