The History of Magic, Sacred Geometry, the Mystery Schools, and Ancient Knowledge

sacred geometrypdf-1

God – The Grand Architect of the Universe

As we saw with the development of religion and the cultures that surrounded it, these revolutions in human understanding were fueled by new ways of looking at the world around us. This understanding grew as our knowledge of the world expanded, and eventually, knowledge would become a threat to the power structures that were developing in the midst of all of this. At this time, what we think of as “religion” was EVERYTHING -it was politics, it was the time structure, it was the basis for science when all science was simply called “philosophy”.

As new knowledge was continually challenging preceding structures of power, these political powers would appoint philosophical/spiritual advisers to help them stay on top of emerging beliefs and retain their level of power. This system drew much desire to this position as it was a pretty sweet job, as long as you’re right in your “predictions” or “visions”, and people began employing a system of protecting knowledge that would both draw-in potential advisers AND provide those who in power with a way of testing the candidates loyalty… we know of these systems as schools.

In these days, tradesmen learned a specific trade from a craftsmen -this was the master/apprentice relationship that has lasted into modern times. Education eventually became more rounded as the studies of history and science emerge -but we haven’t gotten there, yet. In these times, much about the world was still unknown -people were increasingly becoming concerned with what they should or should not do, or wanted to understand they had some specific problem in their lives -things that history couldn’t clarify, at the time, and science wasn’t able to explain, yet. Like these fields of study, all other realms of understanding were reasoned away with what we, today, would call “magic”.

But to these people, it wasn’t hooha, hocus-pokus nonsense -it was still mystery, and those who had a natural inclination for such things as psychological evaluation were often seen as great “mystics” who could divine knowledge from sources outside of this world. We see the profession of mental therapy coming from early witch-doctors and voodoo healers -even early medical science has it’s roots in what we call “alchemy”. These studies became hooha, hocus-pokus nonsense as this knowledge became more powerful and the practitioners began to cloud their sciences in a haze of deeper mysticism.

Over time, the practice of magic became completely bastardized as people believed that if a witch-doctor can fix their troubles, they can also cause trouble… this leads to con-artists and illusionists making fire come out of their hands, often at a cost. Tarot cards and natal charts become something of folklore in a world that’s becoming increasingly focused on science, math, and verifiable fact.

Pythagoras and Sacred Geometry

Shapes became very important as an early tool of language. As these languages developed, these early shapes were recognized as a common origin of language, and this held great power that was highly protected by those in power.


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