Mysteries of the Ancient World (Series)

The Hidden History Behind the Bible, Religion, and Modern Civilization

There’s a lot of dispute and wild conjecture concerning the origins of humans and early civilization. More commonly, we see this conflict arising between religious theistic groups and new-age or science-based atheistic groups in the battle over creationism and evolution. In truth, the Bible doesn’t even really go into much detail about the process of creating the universe, and the fact that this process apparently unfolded over a defined period of time actually doesn’t contrast with the theory of evolution, at all.

It wasn’t the Bible that these new discoveries about the origins of human life were threatening -it was the power of the church and their authority over the people. Of course, by Darwin’s time, the church had already fragmented into several denominations, all with opposing beliefs about the others and the nature of righteousness. When you look at the development of the church from the Roman Catholic church to modern non-denominational churches, or even going backward, all the way to the early origins of theistic beliefs, we can find a common thread of these religions turning against themselves -accusing the parent group of falling to corruption, either by their own idiocy, the sinful nature of man, the temptations of the devil, himself, or even as a part of God’s divine plan -the untold fate of mankind.

We often take for granted that these stories abuot God, angels, and the demons who oppose them actually come from older beliefs. Those beliefs have even older origins and this all goes back to one simple idea… we really have no idea how we got here. Despite this, we have made many efforts to command the fate of mankind toward one end or another… which often leaves us right back where were started. We’ll be looking at all of this in more detail, and we’ll start from the beginning.

Early Development of Civilization

The Politics of the Old World
The Little Know Origin of Religion – A very brief summary of early development of religion and its connection with the development of civilization and the power structures behind it, modeled on the Stellar->Lunar->Solar mythos development suggested by Albert Churchward and others.

Everything You Never Really Wanted To Know About the Bible, But Asked Anyway!

In the Beginning….  
Genesis, the Anunnaki & the Old World -The origins of the Bible -Egyptian, Babylonian, and Sumerian/Akkadian culture
Monotheism vs. Polytheism
Exodus, Akhenaten & the New World Order -A great revolution in religion and the politics that they represent -The end of the Solar cult and the beginning of the anti-cult
The Old Testament and the Law of Moses
The Bible and Politics

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