Why Government Just Doesn’t Workout … Mathematically


GOVERNMENTTime is not linear, it is a quasi-linear sub-manifold… you can tell by the recognizable curve and recurring scenery (insert canned laughter). Life is a differential equation that is working itself out as time passes through it -a dynamic system of numbers represented as matter, sometimes combined into forms with automatonic motion and are even capable of combining multiple experiential inputs into new thoughts and actions.

The Hegelian Synthesis Theory is the basic construct of reactionary problem solving: Thesis+Antithesis=Synthesis (Problem+Reaction=Solution). This process can be used effectively by individuals, but a problem arises when this method is applied to social situations. An attempt must be made to reconcile the oppositional left-wing and right-wing view points, creating a 4th stage: parenthesis (Bureaucracy), which leads to a 5th stage of paralysis (Aftermath)… which then leads back into another problem (Thesis). In other words… government is not really a solution for anything.

A bigger problem with the synthesis method arises once the governmental structure is established. When combined with Control Theory, the Synthesis Method becomes a tool for these political powers to dictate life, often seeking and/or intentionally creating problems that will result in a desired legislation/policy. This action becomes the catalyst for the antithesis and resulting policy decision, but the issue doesn’t end, there. Just as before, you have to reconcile the oppositional view points that you are now creating.

To further command this process, one could apply Game Theory to the control method and establish a dualistic system to attempt to reconcile the oppositional view points. This creates a pyramidal structure where directives are initiated by a non-active, non-deliberative agent and two active agents are placed as controllers which will affect the output variable of the dynamic system. The active agents are pit against one another and diverging strategies begin to emerge. These strategies manifest as the outer limits of oppositional social perception. Once they are established, an effort is made to consolidate power and solidify this structure.

But, alas… there is no way to completely reconcile these oppositional view points with a singular solution, so a concession must be made with the masses that will enable continued effort to control this system. One could attempt to take this control by brute force, but that would create further opposition against the controller -the Control Theory via Game Theory method enables the controller to divert opposition onto the dualistic dynamic system and prolong this subversion. A big part of the success of the use of Control Theory via use of Game Theory is that the non-active participants cannot be made aware that they are participating in a game.

WTF Are You Talking About?!

Government doesn’t work! It’s reactionary at best, and precautionary at its worst. It is an attempt to reconcile social differences under one banner of authority that has a natural tendency to consolidate its power. All of this can be seen in the development of American political culture (and countless other cultures throughout history) where we have slowly been transformed from a free-state to an over-grown federal bureaucracy. As we’ve grown, diversity of opinion has faded and we have been corralled into the center of the political spectrum.

As we move closer towards totalitarianism, those still outside the limits of this system become a threat to its stability, and they are removed. For some reason, many Americans believe that this cannot happen here… they forget that this country pretty much started that way, founded in hypocrisy… little did we know, the idea was doomed from the get-go.


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