What If… There Was a Military Coup in America?

capn1What would happen if there was a military coup in America, tomorrow? This is a particularly important question in light of the recent discussions about gun control.

If for nothing other than a healthy exercise, let’s imagine that there is a military coup in the United States. There is an overwhelming consensus that the United States government is somehow free from total subversion, but many Americans would tell you that we’re not far from, if not already under, oppressive authoritarian control. Such critics are often left by the wayside in the fringe of societal lunacy, but it’s becoming more an more obvious that our values of individual sovereignty have been compromised in recent years after gun control discussions have kicked back up.

I could go on and on about what could happen if such legislation is pushed any further, but I’d rather look at how things actually are, right now. Regardless of what you think the likeness is that we could wake-up tomorrow to find our free democratic-republic (please, don’t laugh…) forcefully replaced by a provisional government focused on military security, there are already provisions in place to prevent such a thing from affecting the sovereignty of individual citizens… ok -obviously, in recent years our values have gone out the window, but just stick with me, here -this is obviously an important issue.

Obviously, the 2nd Amendment was established to protect the security of our free state. We, as private citizens, have the right to defend ourselves from anything, be it home invaders or our very own government. A few decades ago, this might have been ample security to protect ourselves from a military takeover, but in recent years, the American military and its weapons of war have grown far beyond anything an individual could defend themselves against.

Now, we have already made several concessions to the anti-gun crowd in limiting various types of weapons that we have deemed to be too dangerous in the hands of regular citizens… this is why we have the national guard as a part of the militia -every state has national guard units with access to a range of military grade weapons, like machine guns and tanks… of course, some of you might remember a few years ago, when the PATRIOT Act put the national guard under the control of FEMA, and established that in the event of martial law, the President and FEMA would be the head of the (cough cough) provisional government focused on military security.

There’s not a whole lot more to look at -it’s pretty straight forward. If there was a military coup in America, tomorrow, we would pretty much be defenseless -our only real means of defense, the national guard, would be used against us. And people think there’s no cause for concern…


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