Assault Weapons VS. Defense Weapons: US DHS Buys Several Thousand Military Weapons

1_digital_thermal scope DHS over NYThe Department of Homeland Security recently made a request for the purchase of several thousand fully automatic machine guns. This is rather scary all on its own, but something about this purchase order really bothers me, in light of the recent discussion about “assault weapons”.

Efforts have been made to expand the definition of an assault weapon to broaden the current ban against them -many people have confused the terms “assault weapon” with “assault rifle” -an arbitrary distinction that begs for misunderstanding.¬†Many people don’t see the average persons need for a semi-automatic rifle -they believe that the ability to fire multiple rounds without reloading your musket is not protected by the 2nd Amendment, therefore, they feel there is some legal right to ban these modern weapons of war.

The truth is, they do, but it would require another amendment to the constitution. The only reason that the banning of machine guns was not challenged (beyond the misunderstanding of the words “well regulated militia”) is that we didn’t want police roaming the streets with Tommy-guns. This issue will more than likely come to light in the public eye, soon, but the current proposed gun ban still dodges the right to keep and bear arms and, instead, attempts to further abstract the laws we already have by going after the manufacture, sale and transport of certain weapons, again.

While the distinction between “assault rifle” and “assault weapon” seem vague and arbitrary enough, there is an obviously contrary element to this distinction when we look at how the military classifies weaponry -the purchase request in question calls these fully automatic machine guns “Personal Defense Weapons”…

Wait a minute… why would a machine gun be called a “defense weapon” while a semi-automatic is call an “assault weapon”?

One might think that is because they will be in the hands of (possibly) trained public servants, and used to defend the people of this nation (I’m trying not to laugh -this is serious, and scary), but these fully automatic killing machines are call “personal defense weapons”. I jokingly made the argument that semi-autos are obviously for people who know how to use a gun, while untrained individuals obviously need to just pray and spray when it comes to personal defense. I have a very dark, sardonic sense of humor.

As silly as all of this seems, it is not a joke -an effort is being made to infringe on your rights, and this effort is being made by people who obviously feel that the law does not apply to them. This is not just Barrack Obama and the neo-progressive army, we have made concessions on our rights that have enabled our military to tip the balance of force in this country to a point that any resistance against it would certainly face a difficult trial.

The link below is to the purchase request the DHS for the “Personal Defense Weapons”… don’t worry, these weapons are NATO certified!


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