The War Against Guns

imageYou have to have been under a rock for the past few months to not have heard anything about the question of gun rights in the United State. The recent rash of mass shootings have left people feeling like we must do something to prevent violence like this from occurring, and since guns are the proverbial “easy target” -they have come under great scrutiny. Both the MSM and alternative media, and politicians from local seats all the way to the White House are calling for tighter restrictions of guns. The gun control issue has gotten so out of hand, the fact that we can even have a debate about gun control in this country, at all, should be evidence of statist brainwashing and subversion of our constitution.

Of course, this development isn’t a surprise to many who are more than aware of the direct threat that the state has posed in recent decades, and in fact, throughout this nations history… and all of the rest of history, as well  -with the police state coming from the right and the social state coming from the left, it’s hard to deny that the sovereignty of the citizen is becoming nothing more than a memory in American political culture. Of course, this argument rarely makes it to the political arena, because many people simply do not understand their rights… or much about law and politics, at all. We are slaves to a corrupt crony-state, and at times, it seems like there’s nothing that we can do about it.

The criticism of gun ownership has gotten absolutely out of hand with the media, but the info-tainment 24 hour news channels brought us a moment of surreality on CNN with Piers Morgan’s Show. Morgan has spent the past month-or-so attacking the 2nd amendment with debate panel after debate panel, and after Truth Movement advocate Alex Jones called for the deportation of Morgan for this attack on the Constitution, he was asked to come on CNN for an interview on Morgan’s show. Jones’ has a reputation for bold and outlandish claims, but he was pretty much dead-on-point in the roughly 10 minute lambasting of Morgan and his fellow gun critics in the media and their cronies in Washington.

Morgan attempted to take the intellectual high-ground by remaining calm and repeatedly asking stupid questions… of course, the gun related deaths will be lower in a country with restricted access to guns and that has 1/4th the population… but look at other statistics like total homicide, or other more telling statistics like the home invasion rate -I’m not even going to give you the stats, there -it would do you some good to look this stuff up. If you just don’t feel like doing it, Reality Check did a brief report on the quasi-debate.


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