The History of Fascism in America (Pt 5)

American Neo-Conservatism vs. Neo-Progressivism

fasces_congressAmerican progressivism was eager to extend our values of freedom and justice to the entire world -whether they liked it or not. We started off slowly, but the UN was a clean way of dealing with a dirty world -so, many of the wealthy movers-n-shakers in America established an intelligence network that could deal with international affairs with a level of trust… which came with a level of secrecy. Not many people understand that the CIA, in its early days, was liken to a college fraternity of war vets and long-term friends / business partners -trust and leverage were / are everything when dealing with high risk information… but, so are deception and misdirection.

At first, the CIA did what it was supposed to do: gather intelligence and report to the White House for directives -however, not too long after it’s creation, members of the CIA became more active in the global community, starting with a democratic coup in Iran… ever wonder why Iran hates us so much? That’s a big part of it. That -and we eventually put Saddam Hussein in power and gave him weapons to stop them from invading Iraq… weapons that he, in turn, used against Kuwait and Iran in an effort to levy power against us… are you beginning to see the level of ridiculousness, here? It sounded much more legit on the evening news -I know.

Grummet (Aftermath) -Return back to Chaos. Bureaucracy chokes on it’s own paperwork.
(*5th Stage of Discord)

Anyway, the CIA had been the buffer between the American people and the cruel, harsh world, and eventually, their goals diverged so far from those of the Congress, White House, and the American people that it’s more than likely what got John F. Kennedy killed when he threatened to shut down the CIA and end the Vietnam War. Not only did they kill him, they setup an FBI informant who, evidence shows, was trying to shut them down and then painted him up to be a pro-Castro communist -totally playing into their campaign against Cuba and the Soviet.

While the planets may have been in alignment for a CIA clandestine conspiracy, that day, they still needed to maintain a level of cover from the American public while playing puppet-master with the world’s developing nations who were caught in the wake of post-industrial fallout. They also needed to sway American politics enough towards their agenda that the American people would support these efforts on what they saw as a need-to-know basis, resulting in a “middle of the road” political atmosphere -this wasn’t difficult with the progressives calling for the UN to work towards total world disarmament.

bush-sr-ciaThis covert grab for power continued up into the 1970s, when Nixon’s Watergate scandal brought this collusion of abuse of politics to the attention of the American people…. who finally prompted Congress to investigate both the CIA and the FBI for abuses of power, resulting in legislation that regulated their interaction with the White House. However, this at-all-costs-for-the-nation mentality battling the ever progressive public opinion still continued -within a decade we would elect, as President, the man who took over the CIA in the midst of the Watergate incident -George H.W. Bush… Of course, this wasn’t the first time Mr. Bush had occupied the White House, and this history deserves an entire series of articles devoted to the Bush family involvement in the last century of American politics, going back to his Prescott Bush’s involvement with the Nazis and subsequent involvement with Army Intelligence and it’s predecessor, the CIA.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan was running for the Republican nomination for the President of the United States. He was a Hollywood liberal who started his political career with the Democrats defending labor unions, and he eventually switched over to the GOP because he didn’t agree with the direction that the Democrats were going. His campaign for nomination was an all-out attack on Jimmy Carter’s administration which he claimed was littered with foreign interest, citing the numerous members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission that were a part of Carter’s staff. This criticism got him the nomination, beating out his fellow nominee, George H.W. Bush, who Reagan would soon name his VP and running-mate. This is ironic because former Director of the CIA Bush is seen by many as the king devil of international politics, belonging to both the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and their parent committee, only known as the “Bilderberg Group”. Within 60 days of his election, an assassination attempt was made on Reagan by the son of a friend of Bush’s, John Hinkley Jr… this connection was, for the most part, ignored by the mainstream news.

senateDespite our efforts to keep the armies of control at bay, we Americans have let this government become increasingly centralized, and in this push for centralization, we have sought to create a middle-ground. Over the past 30 years, more and more Americans have become centrists, believing it to be ethically and morally superior. Few realize that this nation was not built on compromise -it was built on individual freedom -LIBERTY, and this centralization of power and political values is what they were afraid of. There were many federalists, but these men only represented a small minority interest that had overwhelming representation in the formation of this federation. They left the door open for corruption to subvert this countries values to the point that we can even have a discussion about banning guns in this country. People believe that the 2nd Amendment GIVES them the right to bear arms -very few people take the time to think about the words in the amendment:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
(The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States)

These are your rights as a human, and we are letting these people legislate what we can and cannot do to the point that it tears us apart. It seems like it’s just an inevitable evolution of government to become corrupt and cave in on itself, and many seem to hold this fear in the back of their minds and attempt to ride the wave, regardless. As we face an every growing debt crisis and a subsequently failing economy, we see more and more overtly authoritarian behavior from our corporate slave-masters in DC. Hopefully, we learn the lessons of the past before we start roundin’ folks up and executing American citizens… oh, wait…


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